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Teen Choice Driving

Online Driver Education & Behind-the-Wheel Training

Our Programs

Texas Teen Driver's Ed Online

  • Get Your Permit Early from age 15 to 17
  • Take Your Exam Online
  • Do Your Coursework Anywhere From Any Device
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First Time
Adult Driver

  • 6 hour Driver Ed Program For Adults 18+
  • Instructional guide for behind the wheel included For Adults 18+
  • Complete 6 hr Program on any device
  • Testing Available Online
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Ticket Dismissal

  • State Approved for Ticket Dismissal or Court ordered Defensive Driving
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • Complete on any device
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Parent In-Car Manual With Certificate

  • 7-steps designed to help you complete the 44 hours of driving
  • Graded system to know when to advance your student
  • Pictures and diagrams to help explain specific situations to your student
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  • 6 hour Driver Ed Program For Adults 18+
  • Learn how to teach Driver's Education in Texas
  • Course qualifies a person to be recommended to receive TA, TA-F, or DET
  • Qualify to teach in as little as 6 semester hours
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Continuing Ed/Fleet Driver Safety

  • Nation’s 1st Driver’s Continuing Education Course
  • Perfect for Fleet Drivers/Advanced Defensive Driver Training
  • May Satisfy Court Ordered Expanded Defensive Driving Courses
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